Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sacred sites online

It took five years to write and publish my new book Britain's Holiest Places so it seems like cheating to set up a blog on the same subject in a mere five minutes. But here it is, an updated and online resource for anyone interested in the amazing adventures to be had by visiting our country's extraordinary range of sacred sites.

I will post some of my personal views about Britain's most alluring holy sites over the coming months, pass on some of the rather touching tales I have recently heard from people using the book, and add any updates on the subject as a whole.

I loved every one of the hundreds of holy sites I visited, which come from all the main Christian traditions and beyond, to recycled pagan sites and places where other faiths have found meaning. So this blog will continue as a labour of love, offering positive experiences that reach far beyond the confines of religion to touch eternal human connections to culture and to nature.

If you're interested in seeing a few pages of the book you can preview them in Amazon, and buy it if it takes your fancy, or have a look first at the book's promotional website


  1. Congratulations on an excellent book. As a Lay Carmelite I was really pleased to see Aylesford and Faversham included. I've written a brief report on the book for the Carmelite website:

  2. Thanks ever so much Johan. I really would recommend anyone to go and visit both Aylesford, a thriving monastery, and Faversham, a shrine of the Apostle St Jude.

    Kent is not exactly a desert of holy places, but these places do both bear a very different sort of witness to Canterbury's historic grandeur.

    I made a particular effort to engage with Roman Catholic sites while researching my book. Without exception they offered a warm welcome and a thought-provoking space. They also gave unconditional support to my book, which I hope the text goes some way towards repaying.

  3. Your book is a great contribution to ecumenism Nick, and I've been enjoying your articles on "Independent Catholic News".

    I live in York (likewise far from being a spiritual desert) but I was in Aylesford last week and today I'm heading down to Faversham for the feast day celebrations at the Shrine of St. Jude tomorrow; a wonderful experience I'd highly recommend.

    I shall keep your book by my suitcase and use it to tag some pilgrimage time on to some forthcoming journeys.