Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Back on the screens, summer 2013

Pagans and Pilgrims: Britain's Holiest Places (the TV series) is back on our screens this summer, and hence available on iPlayer for those who missed some episodes last time round. The series was first broadcast in March/April 2013 and will be showing again starting 4 August 2013. It is based on my book, which was published in 2011.

The BBC's programme website has information about upcoming episodes and also links to iPlayer versions, which remain active for about six weeks after first broadcast.

The series proved a ratings and a critical hit. But alas it probably won't make a second series in its current guise: the subject has attracted the interest of other presenters, so the topic will at least live on. Celebrities are everything in the media, but I'm sure the power of holy places to tell their own stories will shine through whatever the format.

Sales of my book and the new iPad/iPhone version (available on iTunes) have helped open up our sacred landscape to a new generation of pilgrims, but it is the subject itself that generates all the enthusiasm. Holy places have lost none of their power to enlighten and enchant.


  1. Hello

    I am so glad to have found this series, and consequently your book, which I will be ordering when my funds allow.

    As you've noted, people are being inspired again by the wealth and diversity of spiritual sites in the UK, which is brilliant. I think its also opening up to a wider audience - there are so many angles to explore these sites from: historical, political, spiritual, scientific, cultural ... all of which are part of our human identity. Everyone can relate to these places and themes on some level.

    The book/series shows that visiting sacred places doesn't necessarily mean travelling to other corners of the world. Inviting as that may be, our back garden has plenty of places to explore, surrounded by beautiful countryside/coastlines/woodlands.

    I enjoyed the style of Ifor ap Glyn's presenting, he was genuinely interesting and interested. It also offered personal insights into how he experienced the places he visited. I look forward to reading your book too, and learning in more detail about these places.

    However the series continues from here, I think you're right about the sites themselves being the interest. The fact that we are still intrigued and inspired by them now says quite a lot about them, and us. So, I just wanted to say thanks to you and Ifor for the series, and good luck with whatever comes next

    1. Hi Tigs

      Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you enjoyed the TV series. I'm also a big fan of Ifor's style and approach to the subject, he seemed to pick it up very quickly when we were discussing things before starting to film it all.

      As you say, so many angles to explore, so many aspects people can relate to. Whether or not someone is a Christian, all holy places have a very moving and influential human story wrapped around them. Funnily enough the church often seems more keen to distance itself from this heritage and our cultural achievements than the general public, which is a bit counter-intuitive.

      Amazon is selling the book at almost half price these days (£11.39 with free delivery), and there is an app version (currently Apple only) which sells for £5.49. I hope one day to get a cheaper Kindle version together too, but the book has hundreds of colour photos so it will be a very large file to download!

      Warm regards